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Why Painting a Wall is like Life

February 11, 2017

I think about change a lot…what I need to fix, update, alter…basically, change.

I also painted my kitchen (FINALLY!)…when we moved in, I painted it a rather 70’s-inspired avocado green with ‘homemade’ green/yellow/cream flowered curtains. I needed a change. So I chose a color entitled, ‘Choice Cream’, a nice neutral (that I can later throw my eclectic color scheme at via towels, dishes and table-settings!).

In this process of painting my kitchen went from a very dark color to a very light color, I learned a few things… and how painting a wall is like life.

Choosing the color is the first step.

Life is full of decisions – they aren’t always hard or wrong or best. There are many considerations and options and opinions and second guesses.

What do you have peace in?

What’s your ‘gut feeling’?

What was your initial choice?

It takes lots of prep work.

You have to remove things from the wall, your pictures, your calendar, plug outlet covers, light switch covers. You have to tape trim and cabinets if you lack a steady hand.

Anything takes preparation – even breakfast. Being prepared and planning your day or even your week, your work with be more efficient.

Have lots of wet paper towels handy.

I also roll out contractor paper under my ladder. Because I will drip paint somewhere or on something. It’s inevitable. It’s liquid. It’s going to target the toughest spot. Just like an ordinary day, spills, bad news, sickness falls on us or our kids or belongings when we were trying to be SO careful.

Drips are unstoppable only by gravitational shift but that is unlikely. So have your wet paper towels handy!

Sometimes it takes several coats to get the color you want.

Failing is part of success, keep going, not giving up. Keep painting, you’ll get there.

Use primer especially when going dark to light.

I did not see the point in this until over half-way through the project. BUT the time it would have saved me!!

Use others experience and don’t waste your own time. Take advice, use what applies to you, make your success on your time-line.

It doesn’t all have to be painted in a day.

It took me 5 weeks to paint my 6 walls of a kitchen. No, not everyday, but I began with what I could do in small blocks of time when I could be alone. I’m still not done – I need to paint the trim. I set out with an end-date and got it done. Four coats on 4 walls…then I got smart and used primer on the last 2 walls and made it with only 3 coats.

Moving forward is a process at a pace you can afford. But without an end date, an end to one wall may not happen. Always set an end and see what you can accomplish before then.

Once you’ve finished the wall, you have to paint the next one.

We always have goals for the future, ideas that come into fruition and we partake. But then…it’s accomplished, the party is over, we ate the cake, we made the trip, we graduated, got married, became president. And then again, it begins again…the next wall, the next updated, fix, repair, reconciliation, rebellion. Life goes on and we must paint the next wall :)



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