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What Can You Take?

July 12, 2017

Everyone has different levels of tolerance, strength and hope.

When someone is losing hope over something that does not affect us or we question their tears, it’s easy to miss the broken road they’ve traveled to this point in time – a.k.a. the straw that broke the camel’s back.

We cannot compare these strengths and fears and hurts to another. for example, one person may be able to take a bullet for another, yet fear taking care of a newborn baby. Another may be losing hope in healing over a mere sinus infection, when in reality, the mounting other unexplained physical conditions have yet to be given a name or healed. That story is what inspired this article.

A co-worker, when asked how her holiday weekend was, responded, angrily, ‘Terrible. I’m worse, I haven’t gotten medicine for my congestion and now it’s in my lungs.’ She spoke and I knew her anger, I could relate to being failed again by a medical system unraveling, uncaring, impersonal. But I also know of her existing chronic conditions, unexplained issues with other glitches labeled ‘vertigo’ with its own medications and OTC pills to level out the symptoms. I sympathized, I’ve been there. I am there, I’m still fighting. I know I’m winning, though. It’s hard to relate to the sick when you are well.

It’s hard to relate to the needy when you only need to shop. Just like Job’s friends could not relate to his loss of his wife, kids, home, business, income, everything.

What is worse, to lose everything or your health?

Personally, I have not lost everything or everyone in my life. Thank God. But I can understand what it’s like to lose health. What it’s like to have future plans or any type of planning cut off. Fear and uncertainty easily conquer hope and security in our minds. It’s desolate.

There are reasons for sufferings and hills and valleys. I have seen prayers answered in ways I didn’t pray for and ways I didn’t expect.

Obviously, I cannot question God, just as Job did not.

There is always hope even when we don’t FEEL it.

I can assure you, if you feel broken, you will not break.



See also:

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